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Victor Valley Nutrition Services Staff Serves Excellence

Victor Valley Nutrition Services staff deliver the nutrition program for children and adults with distinction.

ROUND ROCK, TX, USA, October 12, 2022 / — The Victor Valley Union School District Nutrition Services team was recently recognized by “No Kid Hungry California” for their outstanding work providing meals to families during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the National Association of CACFP Sponsors joins them in recognizing their inspiring efforts to nurture their community during the crisis.

VVUHSD Staff Nutrition Services staff came to work every day during the shutdown to serve community members and students with nutritious meals. At a time when some families were struggling to get food on the table, staff served three meals a day, five days a week. They even prepared and served meals during times that would otherwise have been school breaks (like Thanksgiving holidays or professional development)! During weather conditions that would have deterred other services, VVUHSD nutrition services staff were hard at work. They faced snow, heavy rain, winds and cold, high desert temperatures in their quest to support their students and community.

Accessibility was another hurdle they tackled. The Grab N Go service was offered to community members and students in each school district. Nutrition staff even worked with the transport department to ensure children in rural areas who could not travel to collect meals were still fed.

In the year prior to the pandemic shutdown, VVUHSD Nutrition Services staff served 866,356 lunches, 354,943 breakfasts and 53,460 suppers. During the Covid-19 shutdown period, from March 17 to May 22, 2022, Nutrition Services staff served a combined 232,192 breakfasts and lunches to their students and children in the community.

The singular dedication of Nutrition Services staff to nurturing children and the community is not only inspiring, it is the distillation of CACFP. We are proud to tell their story.

Since 1986, the National CACFP Sponsors Association has served as the national platform for the child and adult food program community. The mission of CNA is to bring members information on legislation, regulation and advocacy issues, share resources among the wider CACFP community, and provide an engaging and informative annual conference that offers the greatest opportunities for networking and of CACFP training in the country. The CACFP is an indicator of quality of care. When children and adults are cared for by providers who participate in CACFP, they receive the best nutrition available.

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