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The Bookseller – Rights – Kyle Books packs Medhurst’s ‘food first’ nutritional guide

Kyle Books pocketed The imperfect nutritionist, a “positive and inclusive food message” from Jennifer Medhurst.

Publishing director Judith Hannam has acquired worldwide rights to Adrian Sington from Kruger Cowne. It will be released in February 2023.

Medhurst is a registered nutritionist at a private clinic based in London. Her food career began when she saw a nutritionist for help with health issues that developed while in school. When her symptoms subsided, she eventually started a health food business and food blog to share her recipes.

“After seeing people struggle with the same issues over and over again in my nutrition clinic, I couldn’t be happier to have written this comprehensive guide to improving health and well-being, including increasing levels of energy, gut health, immunity and sleep quality,” Medhurst said. “My approach aims to add more to people’s lives, rather than restricting or excluding certain food groups, showing you how easy it is to feel better eating the foods you love. contained in my book are the key to sustaining good health and well-being in a sustainable and long-term way, and have the potential to bring enormous and lasting positive changes.