Nutrition services

Self-Help for Elderly Nutrition Services

Self-Help for the Elderly-Nutrition Services provides several nutritious meal services for seniors to get the nutrition they need.

Meals delivered at home is specially designed for homebound seniors to ensure they get meals with nutritious ingredients they desperately need while they stay home and struggle to cook for themselves. same. Our delivered meals provide nutrition, convenience and safety to homebound seniors as needed.

Group meals provide nutritional and social benefits. Seniors are encouraged to visit our community centers to enjoy nutritious meals. Menus of delicious hot and nutritious meals are designed by our professional nutritionist to ensure adequate and healthy nutrition for seniors at their age. All meals offer complex carbohydrates, nutrient-dense vegetables, and healthy proteins. Communal meals also help seniors maintain their balance in social life by giving them the opportunity to meet their neighbours, attend community activities, create friendships, share life experiences, etc.

CHAMPSS (Choosing Healthy Appetizing Meal Pan Solution for Seniors) is a program funded by the San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) and administered by the Department of Nutrition Self-Help for Seniors. It offers a unique dining opportunity for adults aged 60 or over and their spouse/partner, regardless of age. By joining this program, seniors and their spouses can enjoy nutritious meals through designated partner restaurants.