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‘Return to occupation’: Food and Nutrition Services employee talks about pandemic and security changes


For Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) employees, returning to the campus-wide workplace means returning many of its clients.

Juliet Moore, Compass Express cashier

“The only thing we keep coming back to is being busy,” says Juliet Moore, cashier at Compass Express (elevator C, level 1).

Although some customers in the department never left, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to choose to bring their lunches from home. It was a stressful time for everyone in the hospital, Moore says, and she feared she might contract the virus on her own.

However, the swift implementation of social distancing and sanitation measures allayed her concerns, which were further heightened as customers also began to follow protocols to keep the environment safe and clean. Moore credits the gradual return of full capacity cafeterias to these safety and cleanliness protocols, which keep people safe from contamination.

“I think our department strongly supports these measures and we are providing the best food,” Moore said. “Everyone, especially outside customers, says our food is like restaurant food, which I’m happy to hear. “

Communicate with clients

A main aspect of Moore’s job is having conversations with customers while they check in with their food.

“I have fun talking to people as a cashier,” says Moore, who has been in the job for six years. “I really like it. I start in the morning, and when I take off and come home, my day is over and I’m happy.

The Compass Express, along with the rest of UI health care, has made many changes to limit the transmission of COVID-19. Customers were instructed to increase hand washing and sanitizing, swiping their debit and credit cards for payment to avoid contact with the cashier, and were no longer allowed to bring and fill their personal water bottles or coffee mugs.

As security measures were put in place, Moore often had to communicate changes to Compass Express to customers.

“As long as you talk to people and explain it well, they usually get it,” she says.

Serve with satisfaction

As COVID-19 vaccination rates continue to rise and other areas of the community relax restrictions in the event of a pandemic, Moore says she is grateful for the safety measures still in place in the dining rooms. and the hospital in general.

“People outside the hospital don’t wear that many masks, but I’m glad we still are,” Moore said. “We are safe, our food is protected and we follow safety guidelines. We do our best to serve everyone to their satisfaction.

Elizabeth Fielder, associate director of retail services, said the SNSF team is ready to work during the pandemic and is still doing their best to provide good customer service and feed the hospital.

“Everyone in our department, Juliet included, is so flexible and adaptable to change,” says Fielder. “The teamwork in our department has been amazing.”


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