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Proposal to bring infant nutrition and foods under BIS certification as FSSAI publishes draft rules – Nestlé, Hindustan Unilever Stocks in FOCUS

Anil Singhvi, editor-in-chief of Zee Business, informed on Wednesday that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has released a draft rule under which the government plans to subject nutrition and infant foods to Bureau certification. of Indian Standards (BIS).

From now on, BIS certification will be required to produce and sell the products related to infant nutrition and dietary supplements, the market expert said. BIS certified companies will now only be able to manufacture such products, he added.

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He said companies that already use BIS like Nestlé India Limited, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) will benefit from this update as they are involved in the manufacture of children’s dietary supplements.

The government has made it mandatory for companies to produce and sell products related to infant nutrition by following FSSAI rules and will also need to obtain BIS approval.

Speaking on the same Anurag Shah, Zee Business special correspondent said the government will make changes to the Food Safety Standard Authority’s rules of regulation for restricted items from 2011.

He informed that a draft notification has been published on this subject and that it was clearly mentioned that products related to infant nutrition containing BIS certification will only be sold.

Manufacturing, storage, sale, marketing, etc. of these products cannot be made by any company until it has obtained BIS certification. The government has also sought suggestions from the population for the regulation of restricted items in 2011, Anurag said.

He said products related to infant nutrition have been added to the list of restricted items. Suggestions were requested, but only before that they were clarified in the draft rules.

Nestlé was trading at Rs 20,185.15, down 183.30 points or 0.90% at 11:44 am on NSE. While shares of HUL traded at Rs 2,784.60, up 6.90 points or 0.25% on NSE.

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