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Podcast: What you need to know about pig nutrition

Being a pig farmer can be a lot of fun, but these short-legged mammals require a lot of care and attention, and have very specific nutritional needs.

It’s a reality that Meadow Feeds understands all too well, and in our latest Farmer’s Inside Track podcast Gareth Salmond, Ruminant Technical Advisor at Meadow Feeds, shares the basics of pig feeding for a profitable business.

Salmond explains that a pig’s diet is no different from a human’s. Crazy right?

He says it is therefore essential to meet all of a pig’s nutritional needs through a well-balanced diet.

“In terms of feed formulation, some important aspects to consider as a nutritionist include determining the most efficient energy level for the respective growth period. Another important aspect is determining the energy ratio for the growth period.

Salmond adds that food costs represent about 60-70% of the total cost of a large business. This makes food one of the most important factors in keeping a business running smoothly.

The importance of diet planning

Did you know that pigs are very sensitive to interruptions in their feed? This is why Salmond considers it essential to always maintain a constant supply of animal feed.

Failure to do so, he points out, could result in decreased growth rates, decreased feed digestibility, higher stress from disturbances, and increased aggression.

He adds that disturbances in the flow of water must be treated with the same severity.

“The key to a self-feeding and gilt program is to monitor and control their body weight, body condition, and age while maintaining a healthy digestive system,” Salmond says.

In the episode, Salmond also unpacks:

  • unrestricted feeding programs;
  • monitoring and control of pig body weight; and

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