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Oyo abandons package of basic nutritional services to stem malnutrition


The government of Oyo State, under the World Bank-supported ARIN project, has highlighted its basic nutritional service package as part of the measures to reduce malnutrition and its effects on health. ‘Condition in children under 5 years of age.

The basic set of nutritional services is to provide vitamin A supplement, iron supplement, micronutrient powders, deworming and infant and young child feeding advice for children under 5 years old , as well as intermittent preventive treatment of malaria for mother and children at health center, sites and in households.

The project manager of the ARIN program for Safe the Children, Mr. Ridwan Awosanya said health facilities, outreach sites and designated households should be adopted to ensure that the nutrition package reaches all children under five. years and pregnant women in the 16 LGAs, he was as non-state actors.

Awosanya said community volunteers would help anchor infant and young child feeding counseling for children under five as well as the other basic nutrition package at the community level and at nearby sites and each beneficiary appropriately documented in the ARIN application provided to them.

Oyo State Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr Muftua Ayoola, pointing out basic nutrition services at Oranyan Primary Health Care Center, urged mothers to ensure their children benefit nutritional intervention.

According to him, “the government of Oyo State remains committed to the health of children and mothers and that is why the nutritional intervention is discontinued. Services are free and mothers should maximize the benefits and always make sure to take their children to the hospital when they are not feeling well.


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