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OSU experts are available to discuss infant nutrition and food safety surrounding the infant formula shortage

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(STILLWATER, Oklahoma, May 17, 2022) — The shortage of infant formula in the United States has parents worried about properly feeding their babies.

Oklahoma State University has experts who can share their knowledge on proper infant nutrition and food safety and provide resources for parents to possibly research infant formula:

1. Deana Hildebrand ([email protected]) — Oklahoma State University Extension Nutrition Specialist, can talk about the importance of formula in an infant’s diet and general nutrition advice for young people children. She is a Registered and Registered Dietitian.

2. Jenni Klufa ([email protected]) — OSU Assistant Extension Nutrition Specialist, works with OSU’s community nutrition education programs. She is a Registered and Registered Dietitian and can provide nutritional information for parents as well as possible resources for locating infant formula.

3. Ravi Jadeja ([email protected]) – food safety specialist for the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center at Oklahoma State University, can talk about Cronobacter, the bacteria that caused the initial recall of the formula earlier this year.

OSU Extension offers online information on infant and child nutrition.