Nutrition food

Meet the growing demands of plant-based nutrition

BeneoPro W-Tex enables the creation of meatless products such as burgers, sausages and Bolognese with a stable, chewable texture and fibrous structure.

It can be easily flavored with a variety of flavors, herbs and spices, making it a flexible meat substitute suitable for the growing number of consumers around the world who are looking for plant-based food alternatives. It also only takes 5-15 minutes to hydrate, eliminating the need for a long soak and making it convenient for production.

As the palate of plant-based food consumers continues to evolve, producers want even more versatility when it comes to refining the organoleptic profile of their plant-based product (taste, sight, smell and touch), as well as its texture. . To facilitate this process, BENEO has also created a new range of BeneoPro W-Tex variants that meet different needs, both in terms of taste and texture, whatever the application.

Producers looking for finer textures in ground meat substitutes and plant-based sausages can use the re-created BeneoPro W-Tex formulation, which now comes in a smaller particle size of 5mm on average, at instead of the standard 7 mm. There is also a variant that is particularly suitable for mimicking chicken products such as nuggets or strips due to its greater water-holding capacity, which creates softer, juicier and more like textures. chicken.

Finally, a variant containing only wheat protein (with a higher percentage of protein > 75% on dry matter) completes the range. It has a firmer structure and firmer texture than BENEO’s other textured wheat protein ingredients, and is able to withstand harsher processing conditions and freezing, making it ideal for applications such as replacement for minced meat in frozen vegan ready meals.

Delivering both taste and texture is key to building customer loyalty. With innovative ingredients like those from BENEO, it is now possible for manufacturers to formulate products that combine both “vegetal” and “delicacy” for a wide variety of applications, and meet the growing range of customer needs. and territories.