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LynFit Nutrition: Diet vs Exercise

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – CT Style Express host Natasha Lubczenko recently connected with metabolic weight loss expert Lisa Lynn, who shared some top tips for achieving lasting weight loss.

The most common question Lisa hears from her clients is the age-old “diet versus exercise” debate. What is most important?

Most people find the answer shocking, because it’s not exercise, it’s diet. This is especially true after COVID has impacted our lives. The stress he put on us really changed our bodies.

In this segment, Lisa Lynn shares the story of her client, Chuck, who suffered from exhaustion, depression, and mood swings, as well as increased blood sugar and fatty liver disease. How did Lisa help him lose weight and lower his blood sugar by
50 dots?

Watch to find out how this metabolic weight loss expert answers the following questions:

• Is the “80% diet, 20% exercise” rule true?

• Which diet is the most effective for weight loss?

• What besides exercise and diet can help me lose weight?

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