Is it possible to take a loan for negative?

Having a dirty name is a situation that nobody wants. However, unfortunately, there are many Brazilians in this condition.

To give you an idea, according to the GFI and GFIC (Good Finance Investment Corporation), there are about 60.2 million consumers in a dirty name.

In addition to the embarrassment, being in this scenario is harmful to do many things, especially to get credit. Luckily, there are some types of loans for negatives.

In this text, we will show you what the options are if you have a dirty name. Check out!

What does it mean to be negative?


Popularly known as a dirty name, being like this means that the person is registered with the credit protection agencies, that is, institutions such as the GFI and Honest Bank. This can usually happen if the consumer misses the payment term.

In this situation, the creditor company has the right to contact these bodies immediately. Therefore, it is very important that the client has his finances organized in order to be able to pay his debts and prevent his name from going to the credit protection companies.

How do I know if my name is dirty?


There are three bodies for a consultation: Honest Bank, GFI, and Good Lender. Next, we’ll show you how to check if your name is on any of them. Understand!

  • Honest Bank: you can consult both online and in person. If you go online, you can access the Honest Bank website or application. In-person, you need to go to the posts and take your ID and CPF or some photo ID;
  • GFI: in this case, the consultation can be made through the website, but it is paid. An amount is charged from R $ 9.90. It is also possible to go personally to one of the service stations. In this situation, it is free, however, it is necessary to take the RG and CPF;
  • Good Lender: here, consultation on the website is free and, like other agencies, it is allowed to know your situation by visiting the posts, as long as you are carrying your identification documents.

What is the best type of loan for the negative?


Assets as collateral

This is one of the good ways to secure a loan if you have a dirty name, however, it is necessary that the property is in certain conditions. First, in the case of a property or vehicle, the ideal is that it is paid for, without any financial or legal pending issues.

What can scare the consumer is the fact that the good will be used as a guarantee of payment. This means that if he is unable to pay the concession debt, he may lose his property.

Despite the risk, if it is negative, the chances of getting a good amount of credit, often covering up to 50% of the good, are great. This is because the institution feels safe since there is a real guarantee if it lends the money.

Another point is that, in many loans of this type, the interest offered is lower than that of a specific personal credit for those with a dirty name, precisely because the risk for the financial company is less.

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