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Food seized | School nutrition food grain seized from Umarked IG News

UmarkedThe rickshaw driver, who was carrying five rice, a bag of gram and gunpowder, was arrested with the help of citizens. After that, the seized rice and gram were kept in the education department of the city council.

According to the information received, for several days, the work of openly selling nutritional food for school children studying at the municipal school has been carried out with the connivance of the employee and the president and general manager of the school diet committee. A similar incident was reported Monday, October 17 at 9 a.m.

In the city, a rickshaw driver was found stealing nutritional food from the school. When citizens grabbed him and questioned him, the rickshaw driver said he was carrying rice and bags of chickpeas and it was school food. Afterwards, the citizens contacted the office of the city council and called the employees on site.

City council staff traveled to the site and brought the school feeding food grains to the city council’s education department. In this context, addressing the employees of the town hall, he confided that the senior officers are out for the moment. Action will be taken after the senior officer arrives regarding said matter.