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EMU’s Eagle Nutrition Services hosts cooking classes

Eagle Nutrition Services at EMU is offering free home cooking classes throughout the winter semester beginning Thursday, February 3.

Cooking classes are scheduled for Thursday February 3, February 23, March 24 and April 13. Classes will be held in the Show Kitchen in Room 105 of Rackham Hall. Registration is required for each course.

Darlene Bellers, Eagle’s nutrition services manager, has worked as a director for four years. ENS has been running cooking classes for several years now and wanted to bring them back in person this semester.

“Before covid they were always in person, but when covid[-19] hit last year, we did virtual kitchens because we wanted to continue the classes,” Bellers said. “This year it’s back in person, so we’re excited to have people around.”

Registration is required to allow ENS to create a safe cooking environment in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. Students will be able to cook with the instructors, learning tips and tricks on how to create healthy, student-friendly meals.

Bellers, a registered dietitian, said the cooking class is aimed at helping students who want to learn how to create healthy meals on their own.

“Students want to eat healthy and eat well, but they have certain limitations, and some of them are grocery shopping and some of them are just cooking meals or always being on the go,” Bellers said. “A big part of that is cooking, they would eat healthier meals if they knew how to cook them, but they’re intimidated, they don’t want to spend money on groceries, burn a meal, and then not have wasted food and money.

The main idea of ​​the classes was to teach recipes that the students could know in order to create a better learning environment. They also have alternative food options for everyone that cater to people’s different diets.

“We offer vegetarian options as well as meat options to cater to the whole crowd, and some plant-based meals to encourage the health factor,” Bellers said.

Registration is available at If you have dietary or nutritional questions or concerns, contact ENS by phone at 734-487-6572 or by email at [email protected].