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Cerebral Launches Nutrition Services To Help Consumers Focus On Their Physical And Mental Well-Being

Cerebral launches its nutrition services

As a company focused on mental health, it is only natural that we look at nutrition in order to have a positive effect on mental disorders.

Cerebral, the leading online provider of psychiatric and behavioral therapy services, has announced the launch of its nutrition services. The company also offers FDA-approved therapy, counseling, and prescription drugs for depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, and other conditions. With the launch of its nutrition offering, Cerebral extends its approach from mental health to physical well-being.

A 2017 meta-analysis found that populations with more nutrient-dense eating habits helped reduce the risk of depression. As research continued to link physical well-being with mental well-being, it made sense to provide nutritional counseling through cognitive behavioral therapy and medication management.

“Nutritional deficiencies can lead to poor quality sleep, lack of energy and mental fog. The connection between the gut and the mind is increasingly recognized as very important, and it shows how developing and maintaining healthy eating habits can positively impact an individual’s mental health. says Dr David Mou, chief medical officer at Cerebral. “As a company focused on mental health, it is only natural for us to expand into nutrition in order to have a positive effect on mental disorders. “

Members are put in contact with a brain nutritionist to develop a personalized plan. Brain nutritionists are registered dietitians (RDs) or registered dietitians (RDNs). Monthly subscriptions offer unlimited messaging capabilities, monthly individual recordings, and visual food and water tracking in the app. The program doesn’t just focus on weight loss, but rather aims to help users develop healthy habits with the guidance of their RD or RDN. The programs are personalized according to the lifestyle, allergies and specific dietary requirements of the user. For eligible people, medication management services are available with nutritional planning.

Cerebral’s nutritional offering will be available in Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas starting October 5, 2021. The Nutrition Management Plan starts at $ 25 for the first month, then at $ 69 per month. afterwards. The nutrition and medication management plan starts at $ 30 for the first month and then starts at $ 85 per month thereafter. For more information, visit

About cerebral

Cerebral’s mission is to improve access to affordable, high-quality mental health care for all who need it. Unlike traditional mental health care, Cerebral is accessible, convenient, affordable and free of stigma. With multiple full-service monthly subscription plans to choose from, members receive online access to prescribers, behavioral counselors, speech therapists, and nutritionists, all from the comfort of their home or anywhere. where else with an internet connection. Cerebral was founded and launched in January 2020 and is now the fastest growing mental health company in history. For more information, visit

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