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CCH Appoints Logan as New Director of Nutrition Services | Local

Levi Logan

Levi Logan can trace his love of cooking back to his days in Genoa where he and his family barbecued and even competed in local competitions to see who had the best food.

Logan’s pleasure led him to study cooking in college, which eventually led him to begin his medical career by becoming a chef in an assisted living facility. He then worked as a director of food services at several locations before starting at the Columbus Community Hospital.

CHC recently announced that Logan is the hospital’s new director of nutrition services.

“It was an eye-opening experience,” Logan said of his time at CHC so far. “I’ve only been here two weeks, but I’ve learned a lot. They (the staff) always tried to help wherever they could. … Being able to serve them and communicate with them on a daily basis has been a very good opportunity.

Logan has said he is interested in the position as it allows him to expand his job after having served as Director of Food Services for the past several years.

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“I want to push myself and go to a hospital and be able to work more and develop my career,” Logan said.

The Genoa native graduated from Twin River High School before moving to Columbus shortly thereafter. He has stayed in the area since rooting in the area with his girlfriend, Amy, and daughter, Caroline.

Logan has stated that he enjoys cooking because it is a skill he can use in his everyday life.

CCH building

Columbus Community Hospital at 4600 38th St. in Columbus. CCH recently appointed Levi Logan as its new Director of Nutrition Services.


“I’ve always had a passion for cooking,” said Logan. “Whenever we had a family group, I was always the one making the whole meal and decided to go into cooking because it sounded like a really good job.”

Logan received a Diploma in Culinary Arts and Management from Metropolis Community College in Omaha. After culinary school, Logan was the chef at Cottonwood Place, an assisted living facility in Columbus. He then served as Director of Food Services for Emerald Nursing & Rehab Columbus and Wisner Care Center.

“He has a culinary arts background and experience in healthcare food service management,” said Scott Messersmith, vice president of operations and human resources for CCH. “We are excited to see what he will be able to do working with the dedicated employees he has in this department. “

Logan said he continued in the medical world because it allowed him to learn new subjects. He added that he is currently obtaining his license as a retirement home administrator to gain a better understanding of the field.

“On the health care side, there is a lot to learn and there is a very good staff and other things to go further with,” he said.

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