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CampusDish App Provides A Nutritional Guide For The Dining Room Kitchen – Washington Square News


ARAMARK launched CampusDish, a new mobile app that provides restaurant information to students last month. Available for free download from the iPhone, iPad and Android app stores, CampusDish offers dining room menus with nutritional information including calories, total fat, and vitamin count to its users.

This semester, NYU has partnered with ARAMARK to bring the app to the college community. Vassar College, Baylor University, and the University of Central Florida also offer CampusDish.

The NYU section of the app contains menus for Hayden, Third North, Rubin, and Weinstein restaurants. CampusDish allows students to research different places and types of food on campus. Students can also advance their research by entering specific criteria to find which dining room and meal would best suit their preferences.

“[The app] gives students quick access to relevant information on their smartphones, ”said George Hellen, senior district manager for NYU Dining. “It will help students make better eating choices, and the ability to eat healthy is important to the university. “

Hellen said NYU students asked the university to provide a service like CampusDish.

“The research we did showed that students would like to get this information on their phones without having to consult a book or the computer,” he said.

Lisa Young, nutritionist and assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University, said students who have access to nutritional information about their food choices are more likely to take informed and healthy decisions.

“One of the downsides of eating out is that we don’t have a clue what is in foods prepared by others,” Young said. “This app can take the guesswork out of eating in the dining room. “

Before the university began offering CampusDish, students had to check the dining room menus online on the NYU Dining Services website or use the dining kiosks located in each residence.

“[CampusDish] makes the whole process easier so I don’t have to ask the cooks what they’re up to for the day every time I go to a dining room, ”said Steinhardt rookie Devonae Robinson.

The app also has a feedback tool which makes it easy for students to write comments and suggestions and report any issues encountered while using the app.

“Customer suggestions are considered and will be used to make improvements if necessary,” said Carmen Mayes, director of marketing for ARAMARK at NYU.

Although the recently unveiled app is currently only available to a limited number of schools, ARAMARK hopes to expand the use of the app to all campuses using ARAMARK catering services.

“ARAMARK higher education accounts linked to CampusDish may have their meal and nutrition information available on the app,” Mayes said. “The app has just been launched, but over time all ARAMARK Higher Education accounts will be available.”

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of Thursday, September 13. Hye Joon Lee is a contributing writer. Tatiana Baez is Associate Academic Writer. Email them at [email protected]


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