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Beyoncé’s 22-Day Nutritional Diet Revealed in Pre-Coachella Video

Even though you are Beyoncé, you still struggle to get in shape. The singer titled Coachella in April 2018, less than a year after welcoming twins Sir and Rumi Carter. She released the Netflix documentary Back home one year after the performance, in April 2019.

Here’s the herbal diet Beyoncé used to get in shape.

In the movie, Beyoncé opened up about the stress her body went through when she got pregnant with her twins. She had planned to perform at Coachella in 2017, but had to cancel due to her pregnancy. She revealed that she weighed 218 pounds at the end of her pregnancy and that the emergency cesarean that she had had really made her feel disconnected from her body.

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In the video, Beyoncé begins by stepping on the scales, calling her “every woman’s nightmare.” She shows the scale, which reads 175 pounds. She notes that she has a lot of work to do, then details the herbal diet she used to prepare for Coachella.

Beyoncé teamed up with a trainer, Marco Borges, who devised a 22-day nutrition plan for the singer. The diet consists of eating only plant products, which Beyoncé ended up doing for 44 days until the gig (she decided to do the plan twice in a row). This means that she cut out meat, dairy, carbohydrates and sugars, among others. The video also features a montage of instances where Beyoncé developed and prepared her choreography.

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“For me, losing weight was so much easier than getting back into shape and making my body feel comfortable,” Beyoncé said. The video also shows her twins, which goes to show that she was balancing motherhood and preparing for Coachella.

How much weight did Beyoncé lose on the 22 Day Nutritional Diet?

The purpose of the video was to encourage people to make healthier choices in their own lives, based on schedules and what makes sense. This is probably why Beyoncé doesn’t explicitly say how much she weighs at the end of the video.

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Her trainer even notes that the goal of the diet was not to pass judgment on a number. She does, however, call Marco towards the end of the video to celebrate her fit in one of her costumes, so it’s obvious the diet worked.

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“It’s just taking a step towards healthier choices. You have really long schedules, I know what it is. You need the energy to be able to move,” Marco says in the video to Beyoncé and her. dancers. The video ends with a fact sheet for Marco’s diet plan, which is hugely successful on Instagram, with over 100,000 followers.

Watch Beyoncé talk about her Coachella prep in the video below. Back home is also available to stream on Netflix.

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