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Amazon Halo View costs $79.99, adds fitness and nutrition services


Amazon is rolling out its next phase of being a wearable health player with Halo View, a screen-based fitness tracker, as well as a suite of workout and nutrition services.

A year ago, Amazon launched Halo with a $3.99 monthly subscription with programs, workouts, meditation tools, and tracking. The first Halo band was designed to be distraction-free, but added a screen.

Halo View has metrics display, live tracking, 7-day battery life, and sports band colors and options. Halo View will run for $79.99 with a one-year subscription.

Amazon is also launching Halo Fitness for workouts. Halo Fitness and Halo View will be available later this year. Amazon is also launching a Halo Nutrition service that will be included with Halo membership.

I was a customer of the first Halo and found it interesting. I found it to be delightfully creepy at times and even a working tool.

The catch was that it wasn’t interesting enough to warrant carrying two devices or replacing my Garmin Fenix. With workouts and a nutrition service, the Halo subscription will provide more value. Amazon’s challenge is that there’s not a lot of wrist room for fitness trackers. Amazon’s workaround offers a compelling $3.99 per month service bundle to get you into the Halo fold.


Halo View highlights include:

  • AMOLED color screen.
  • Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition, available January 2022, bundled together in the Halo subscription.
  • Optical sensor for heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring.
  • Integration with Alexa.