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5 winter nutrition food ideas and tips for infants on solids


Did you start solids for your little one this cold weather? Wondering what is safe and what is not? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through making safe choices.

1. Vegetable and colorful fruit purees: Foods like carrot, sweet potato, and mashed papaya are great first food options and contain the rich vitamin A component that boosts beta-carotene immunity. Also add a pinch of ghee to increase its absorption. So go ahead, grab these brightly colored foods to please the baby’s palate and nutrition.

2. Ghee: Yes, you read that right. Ghee is an important source in your baby’s diet and it is advisable to start with 1 teaspoon at six months, 2 teaspoons at seven months and above. The fat in ghee helps in the absorption of many fat soluble vitamins from other foods and also makes it easier for your little one to have a bowel movement, thus preventing constipation.

3. Comfortable carbohydrates: If your baby is just starting to eat solids, you can make warm nourishing rice or ragi purees and add sprouted flours of the same for better nutrition and digestion. Seven-month-old carbs can be combined with vegetables and fruits to add color and flavor to the baby’s palate. If they are older, between eight and nine months, comforting carbs like rava, oats, sabudana can also be started as solids in a number of ways.

4. Citrus juice: If your baby is seven months and older, half-concentrated diluted citrus juices (50 percent water + 50 percent juice) can be started for vitamin C needs and thus help with iron absorption. .

5. Greens: If your baby has already started eating solid foods and is around seven to eight months old, immune-boosting green leafy vegetables can also be added to her porridge, soups, and khichdi for iron needs. Few of the home grown leaves of all greens add value to their solids and help maintain a strong immune system.

Make sure breastfeeding is continued for immunity and heat benefits as well.

(The author is Chief Clinical Nutritionist and HOD, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Bengaluru.)


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